Covington Consulting Advisory Services

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"In a word, the results were "phenomenal." In the first week alone, production went from 600 units per day to 965 without making any labor changes. After that, we found that we could consistently finish 1100 units per day, and up to 1500 if necessary. This translated into triple profits.

All this has resulted in far less inventory on the floor, smaller batch sizes, better quality, nearly 100% on-time deliveries, and 50% more products built in the same space with the same number of employees. This, in turn, resulted in our ability to focus on developing more sales to fill the newly found capacity."


“Jim is the most complete manager I have ever worked with. He has a very sharp mind that understands the intricacies of the marketplace, the manufacturing processes and the bottom line. He has successfully managed a number of different types of operations in a very professional, easy going manner. I learned more practical information from our conversations about management and the Theory of Constraints than I gained in any other professional endeavor. He is an outstanding businessman and mentor while being a results oriented leader.”


“I've competed against, worked with on staff, and reported to Jim at a third employer. He is a relentless thinker, with a constant positive and thoughtful demeanor. Jim not only embraces change, but seeks and drives it.

He's approachable and down-to-earth, but at the same time uniquely and broadly qualified in Operations, Market & Product Planning, AND accounting and finance.”


“It doesn't take long to realize Jim knows what he is doing. He has the experience, education and instincts required to truly make a difference. While working with Jim he implemented changes in queues to allow for improved throughput. He identified and solved other problems that were hindering profitability.

Jim understands what works academically and knows how to apply those principals in the real world. The impact Jim’s work has on a business is the same if not better than what I’ve seen larger, more expensive consulting firms provide.”  Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


"I hired Jim for a special project in 2008. The mission was the complete coordination and re-location of a significant product line without customer disruption. During the course of the project, Jim took on additional responsibilities including the day-to-day management of the facility affected by the loss of business. Jim did an outstanding job. He delivered his promise on-time and within budget. I would recommend Jim for any position that requires a high level of integrity, professionalism and manufacturing competence."