Covington Consulting Advisory Services

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The Covington Approach

Our approach is heavily influenced by Dr. Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC) as outlined in his book
The Goal
.  Applying TOC coupled with Lean and Six Sigma  tools often generates phenomenal results.

Jim Covington was the first Jonah personally certified by Dr. Goldratt in the United States.

Jim's approach to business management consulting revolves around face-to-face meetings with you and/or you and your management team. Although the ultimate process is a function of the dynamics between you and your coach, we recommend this sequence initially:

  · Introductory meeting - usually from one to two hours
  · Monthly face-to-face meeting - usually from one to three hours
  · Phone conference calls - as required
  · Emails - as needed

Individual and business circumstances dictate the optimum coaching arrangement. We find that some clients may need a one-time session to discuss a specific issue while another needs the benefit of ongoing meetings and strategy sessions.

You and Jim determine how often, and when, your coaching sessions take place.